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Welcome to the San Dune Inn!

Manzanita, Oregon

The San Dune Inn provides a number of distinctive and delightful things you won't find at other lodgings on the Oregon Coast:

board games,  dog treats, a whole library of books from a wide variety of genres, broadband wireless, Cable TV and much more.

See the Sights!
We're nestled in the heart of the unique Oregon coastal village of Manzanita, about two hours from Portland, and three hours from Salem. It is a magical place, with its legendary ambiance, forested mystery and looming Neahkahnie Mountain overhead. The San Dune Inn is just a short four-block walk - past local cafés and specialty boutiques - to a pristine, seven-mile beach.

Enjoy Your Stay!
With a population of just 800 people, the loudest sounds you'll hear in Manzanita are the waves on the shoreline, and seagulls overhead.